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Why Smart Agents Blog Their Listings

I thought this was a very helpful blog.  Thanks for all the good help Bob.

Broken Arrow Heights Broken Arrow OKLet me ask you a question.  Do you blog your listings?  If you are new to Active Rain, you have noticed by now that listings flow through the blog roll on a pretty regular basis.  Ever wonder why?  Ever click on somebody's listing to check it out?  In case you're wondering, can I tell you something very important?  Blogging your listings is one of the things you should learn how to do very quickly!  And why is that?

Because blogging your listings is how you can make your listings easy to find by prospective buyers.  When I write my blog on a listing, I'm looking for as many ways as possible for my listing to be found using Google searches.  Take for example, the listing I blogged yesterday.  It's a great house here in Owasso.  Less than five minutes after the blog posted, I was able to pull the house up in at least two searches on Google.  Today, it comes up in lots of different Google searches.  Let me show you.

First, if someone drives by, jots down the address and then Googles the address, here is what they will see.  Notice that my blog pops up all over the page.  This is because I wrote a blog in Active Rain and because I uploaded the listing to my Point2Agent website.  Notice also that Trulia picked it up and is coming up in the search results.  This might not be due to my blog, but rather because the listing was IDX fed from our MLS to Trulia.  Nevertheless, the point is...if someone searches by address for this property, it will come up and come up big on page one of the Google search.  Don't think this is a big deal?  Go do a Google search for your personal address or listing?  How much does it show up in the Google search results?  If you were shopping for a house, would those search results satisfy you?

8010 North 120th East Ave Owasso OK

Okay, now that we know the house can be found by address, let's check out other ways a prospective buyer might find it.  How about if they're from my town and they know the name of the neighborhood?  If that is the case (and it DOES happen by the way), here is what they will see in their Google search for "Elm Creek Estates".  The first four search results are there because of my blog and the Point2Agent website.  Once again, I have provided good search results for prospective buyers just by doing two easy steps.

Elm Creek Estates Owasso OK

But there is more!  Elm Creek Estates has a great park in the neighborhood, so I included it as a part of the blog.  If someone is searching for the park, guess what comes up in the search results?  Yep, my listing!  And why is that?  Am I trying to hog the Google space for the park?  No.  But I am trying to make sure that my listing gets out to as many Google search options as is possible.  In this case, someone might not know the name of the neighborhood, but they might know that this park in close by.  So, if they search for the park in trying to find the house, they will have success!

Elm Creek Park Owasso OK

Some people search for short phrases.  What if they search for just "Elm Creek Owasso"?  Because I have used those keywords throughout the blog and because I put them in as tags, the blog will still come up in the search results.  Again, I'm trying to cover various search terms buyers will use if they are trying to find my listing.

 Elm Creek Owasso OK

Okay one more.  Let's say someone drives by and sees your name.  It is dark and they're in a hurry and they don't get the address.  Later on, they want to find the house, but all they have is your name.  They put your name into the search results and what do they find?  With some work and steady blogging, they should be able to find you.  And if they can find you, they will be able to get to the listing - hopefully through your website, blog or other web search results.

Bob Haywood Owasso OK

So, if you're not blogging your listings, you might want to reconsider.  Remember, many people begin their search for a home on the Internet.  And if you and your listings are not on the web, then you are basically invisible.  And you cannot afford to be invisible in today's market. 

Can I give you one more reason to blog your listings?  You can use those Google search results and your blog to show prospective sellers how you push their listing out in so many ways.  Try it sometime.  You'll be amazed at how your prospective sellers will love how you market houses!


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Why Smart Agents Blog Their Listings
I thought this was a very helpful blog. Thanks for all the good help Bob. Let me ask you a question. Do you blog your listings? If you are new to ActiveRain, you have noticed by now that listings flow through the blog roll on a pretty regular… more