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November's Cloudburst of You

This looks like a lot of fun! I have really gotten out of the habit of blogging so I am planning on getting back in the groove. 

At least this is in November this year instead of December.

Good luck everyone.  I hope I get a lot of ideas from all the blogs.

I'm only going to ask one thing of you in November, a challenge yes but only one task.

November's Cloudburst of You

30 Posts in 30 Days

It's been awhile since we had a 30in30, much too long.  You may be asking why November with the holidays fast approaching, Thanksgiving, soup for you, er I mean No Excuses!

If you want 5,000 points, you can have them.  5,000!  Just post a blog a day in November.  If you want to get ahead of the game and postdate your Thanksgiving or Sunday posts, go for it.  As long as you have one posted per day in November you are good to go.

Your 2014 will thank you for the actions you complete now.  Keep that funnel full throughout the end of 2013.  I know you can do this!

There are no word minimums or types of posts we're asking for.  You know if a post is good for your business and beneficial to your followers.  Don't forget to check your Stats.  Remember, consumers don't leave comments but they are reading your stuff.  This is the EASIEST way to organically expand your marketing efforts.

If you need inspiration, check out this 14-page, 500 Keyword list.    

Once you're done, please submit the form below.  Points will be awarded soon after the contest ends.

You can do this!  We believe in you!





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Comment balloon 0 commentsBarbara Calwhite • November 01 2013 09:36AM
November's Cloudburst of You
This looks like a lot of fun! I have really gotten out of the habit of blogging so I am planning on getting back in the groove. At least this is in November this year instead of December. Good luck everyone. I hope I get a lot of… more
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